Luxura vancouver “memories through scent”.

Luxura is about emotions. It is imagination and fantasy. It evokes experience and memories.

Unique both in form and scent, Luxura will take you back to a special time in your past, or help you close your eyes and dream of the future. Luxura has a different collections available to cater to different needs – from scented candles for relaxation, spa candles to moisturize and diffusers to create an ambient surrounding, our products will transform any space into a scent memory.

Each hand crafted candle and each collection is made with the finest fragrances and essential oils, hand poured by a single artisan in the Vancouver. We are proud to call this city home and work hard to offer our best quality products that are worthy of our customers.

Whether at home or at work, Choose Luxura to make everywhere you go your bubble of tranquility.

” Will you love me as I wither away like the flowers in our garden?

Will you love me, as I grow old like the trees in the forest, will you love me when I’m gone?”